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Completed Research Studies

  • Healing Touch with Guided Imagery for PTSD in Returning Active Duty Military: A randomized controlled trial
    Published by: Military Medicine, 177 (9), 1015-1021
    Authors: T Jain, S., McMahon, G.F. , Hasen, P., Kozub, M.P., Porter, V., King, R. & Guarneri, E.M. (2012).
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  • The Effects of Reiki therapy on Pain and Anxiety in Patients Attending a Day Oncology and Infusion Services Unit
    Authors: N. Birocco, C. Guillame, S. Storto, G. Ritorto, C. Catino, N. Gir, L. Balestra...L. Ciuffreda. Click here for Article
  • Biofield Therapies: Helpful or Full of Hype? A Best Evidence Synthesis
    Published Date: October 24, 2009
    Published by: International Journal of Behavioral Medicine
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  • The Role of Healing Touch in the Treatment of Persons in Recovery from Alcoholism
    Author: Sr. Rita Jean DuBrey, CSJ, RN, MSN, CASAC, CHTI
    Published Date: December 2006
    Published by: This article is published in Counselor,The Magazine for Addiction Professionals, December 2006, v.7, n.6, pp.58-64.
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  • A Pilot Study of a Bio-Field Therapy for Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Spinal Cord Injury.
    Principal Investigator: Diane Wind Wardell, PhD, RNC, HNC, CHTP, University of Texas
    Published Date: March 2001
    Published by: Journal of Holistic Nursing, Vol. 19, No. 1, 71-86 (2001)
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  • Efficacy of Healing Touch in Stressed Neonates
    Principal Investigator: Sharon I. McDonough-Means, MD, University of Arizona, College of Medicine
    Completion Date: July 2004
    Study Sponsor: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
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Other Related Article

  • Review of Studies of Healing Touch
    Authors: Diane Wind Wardell and Kathryn F. Weymouth
    Published: Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2004; 36:2, 147-154.
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  • Energy-Based Modalities
    Authors: Joan Engebretson DrPH, AHN-BC, RNa and Diane Wind Wardell PhD, RNC
    Published by: Originally published in Nursing Clinics of North America, Volume 42, Issue 2, June 2007, Pages 243-259
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